Walkathon F.A.Q2023-08-21T12:41:47-04:00

Walkathon F.A.Q

I want to walk for the Centre! What do I need to do?2023-08-21T12:29:42-04:00
  1. Register online
  2. Spread the word to your online network via email or social networks like Facebook.
  3. Download a registration form, line up your sponsors and collect pledges or funds.
  4. Remit funds online, or deliver at City Hall on October 1st.
  5. Walk on October 1st!
How can I win a prize this year?2023-08-21T12:37:23-04:00

Prizes will be awarded for photos taken during this year’s walk.  There are a number of categories – check out the website – and use your imagination on October 1st!

Photos should be submitted, along with contact information, to centretownchurches@gmail.com

I want to walk but would be more comfortable walking on my own2023-08-21T12:36:57-04:00

If you are not comfortable with an in-person event this year, plan to join Walk for the Centre virtually!  It is still possible to create a virtual team with friends or family – or walk on your own – on October 1st.  You are free to walk in your neighbourhood, favourite trail, or anywhere you’d like to!

I have another question. Who can I ask?2023-08-21T12:38:02-04:00

Ask us! Use the Contact page on our website or send us an email at contact@centretownchurches.org. We’ll get back to you at the earliest possible opportunity!

Can I collect donations of food or toiletries?2023-08-21T12:36:25-04:00

Thank you for considering this but the Food Centre is not collecting food or toiletry donations at the walkathon.

Where do I walk on Sunday, October 1st?2023-08-21T12:35:54-04:00

Join us in the Jean Pigott Place at City Hall on Sunday, October 1st at 1:00 pm for registration and photos.  There will be music and a few speeches, and then the walk will start at 2:00 pm.  We will be walking along the scenic Queen Elizabeth Walkway and the Rideau Canal.

Plan to walk anytime from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, but join us for the launch at 1:30 pm if you are able.

We encourage you to take photos during your walk and send them in to us at centretownchurches@gmail.com.

How do I or my sponsors get a tax receipt?2023-08-21T12:35:11-04:00

For online donations – CanadaHelps automatically issues a tax receipt.

For donations by cash or cheque – CCSAC, a registered charity, will issue charitable receipts for any donation of $20 or more.  Upon request, we will issue tax receipts for lesser amounts.  We will need your sponsor’s mailing address in order to send them a tax receipt, so make sure they fill in the Pledge Form.

A reminder that it is easiest to collect donations immediately from your sponsors when you sign them up, rather than trying to chase them down again after the walk.

I just want to make a donation. How can I support this year’s walkathon?2023-08-21T12:34:41-04:00

Our Walk for the Centre fundraising page allows you to sponsor an individual or a team, or just make a general donation.  Go to:   https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/centretown-churches-social-action-committee/p2p/WALK/

Alternatively, you can send cheques to CCSAC, 507 Bank Street, Ottawa K2P 1Z5.

Where can I download a Pledge Form if I am not signing up online?2023-08-21T12:34:12-04:00

You can download and print a Pledge Form here:   https://www.centretownchurches.org/walkathon

How do I sponsor a walker or a team online?2023-08-21T12:33:37-04:00

Go to the following page to make a payment using your credit card: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/centretown-churches-social-action-committee/p2p/WALK/

Be sure to tell us which walker or team you want to sponsor.   When you click ‘Continue with My Donation,’ you’ll be transferred to a secure page to enter your payment information.

Do you accept cash and cheques?2023-08-21T12:32:58-04:00

We’ll take your cash and cheques too!

The Pledge Form can be used to collect funds for the walkathon by cash or cheques.  Cheques are preferred over cash again this year.  Bring your forms to City Hall on October 1st.   Be sure to get your donors’ and sponsors’ mail information so we can send a tax receipt.

Alternatively, you can send cheques to CCSAC, 507 Bank Street, Ottawa K2P 1Z5.

How do I raise funds for the Walk for the Centre?2023-08-21T12:31:40-04:00

Online donations are the most efficient way to fundraise again this year.  You will receive a tax receipt immediately if you donate online. 

Walkers and sponsors are encouraged to register and donate online at this link:    https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/centretown-churches-social-action-committee/p2p/WALK/

Or, if you prefer raising funds directly from your donors, download our Pledge Form at www.centretownchurches.org/walkathon. 

How do I register?2023-08-21T12:30:42-04:00
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