“Starts With Home” Campaign Launched

With January 2022 marking the 2nd anniversary of City Council’s  declaration of a housing and homelessness emergency in Ottawa, the Alliance to End Homelessness has launched a non-partisan campaign to encourage citizens to support affordable housing in the next municipal election.  The “Starts With Home” campaign aims to get residents and organizations to sign up in support of a platform which includes six actions for a newly elected council and mayor to tackle.  Each of  these actions focuses on affordable housing: stopping its loss, creating more units, and preserving the quality of existing housing stock.   CCSAC has endorsed  this non-partisan initiative which includes private sector as well as public sector measures.  In doing this, we are in agreement with over 100 other organizations that share the view that increasing and protecting the  availability of affordable housing will help address poverty levels in our city.  More information about the campaign is available at www.startswithhome.ca

Upcoming Fundraising Event

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