Soul Space – Supporting Health Care Workers Serving the Most Vulnerable Amongst Us
Danielle Rolfe, a documentary filmmaker and community-based health and social services consultant,
was the guest speaker at CCSAC’s October 4, 2021 meeting.

Danielle is well-known for her 2018 documentary “Blue Roses” that addresses the need for palliative
care facilities for those living in rooming houses and depicts in a moving way, the strong and loving ties
forged among those living precariously in Ottawa.

At our October meeting, Danielle described a new project, Soul Space, a collective of individuals and
communities of faith formed to minister to the spiritual care needs of health care workers serving clients
through Ottawa Inner City Health and the Telus Mobile Health Clinic. Danielle noted that the Covid-19
pandemic had added additional stresses to the already difficult challenges faced by front line health care
workers and their patients. Often, health care workers do not have the time or energy to tend to their
own physical and spiritual needs.

Soul Space provides a range of programs and resources that allow workers to remove themselves
temporarily from their daily difficulties for short periods of reflection, rest, relaxation, and spiritual

Further information is available at Soul Space website:

Two short videos provide more information about the work currently underway: a short music video:, and a video on a retreat for support workers: